Eric Sumpter is the owner and proprietor of Mile Hybrid Automotive as well as Adopt A Part (a full service auto recycling facility specializing in dismantling imported vehicles with a special emphasis on Hybrids). Eric earned a BS degree in Industrial Technology from Colorado State University and then spent 20+ years in the electronics manufacturing and computer/data storage industry.  After working at a large Fortune 100 computer equipment manufacturer, and an electronics contract manufacturer, Eric was a founding team member of two venture capital backed start up companies both of whose products sought to bring energy efficient products to mainstream enterprise data center use.  Eric was named a Finalist in the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year awards in 2007.

Culminating twenty years of technology experience, a life long passion for automobiles and an environment awareness from the development of cutting edge products targeted at the “Green IT” market.  Eric bought Adopt A Part (a long standing Auto recycling facility in N. Denver) in late 2008.  Adopt A Part began focusing on Hybrid vehicles immediately.

Utilizing expertise from 20 years in high tech electronics (and calling in a few favors from some highly technical friends), Adopt A Part developed processes for testing and reconditioning hybrid car components.

Adopt A Part’s reconditioned, upgraded Prius batteries are well known and we ship them all over North America.