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From an oil change to a hybrid battery to a complete rebuild and anything in between, MileHybrid Automotive is the recognized expert in the Rocky Mountain Region. Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV’s) and Electric vehicles (EV’s) are our only business. Contact us today for anything you need to keep your Hybrid car running efficiently and reliably.

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The Best Service

At MileHybrid Automotive, we understand how valuable your time is. Delivering timely and convenient service is a high priority for us. We are open early and late as well as Saturdays. In addition, after hours drop off, courtesy shuttle service, pickup and delivery are available. We answer the service phone well into the evening. Save time and money by bringing your Hybrid Vehicle to MileHybrid Automotive.


At MileHybrid Automotive, we have the expertise and experience to diagnose your Hybrid Car accurately and efficiently. We quickly figure out what is wrong with your car and fix only what is required. We do not ‘upsell’ and push unneeded services. Over many years, we have helped customers who have been given exorbitant estimates at other repair shops to perform unnecessary repairs. Let us get to the bottom of the problem, quickly and economically.

Local Experts

When you bring your Hybrid Car to MileHybrid Automotive, you are dealing with a single family owned business, Our reconditioned hybrid batteries are produced in house. For any warranty support or after the sale service you are dealing with the same folks. Most repair shops that work on hybrids buy batteries from third parties and are not self sufficient on the tough problems. In fact, MileHybrid Automotive provides diagnostic and sublet repair service for many other repair shops in the Denver area. MileHybrid Automotive is trusted by many fleet customers including City Of Denver, City of Greeley, XCEL Energy, City of Ft. Collins and many commercial Fleets.



Denver’s Only Exclusive Hybrid Electric & Electric Vehicle Repair Shop

We pride ourselves on being the most affordable and most environmentally friendly hybrid battery replacement company in the Rocky Mountain region. In fact, we are the only auto repair business in the region that focuses exclusively on Denver Hybrid Electric and Electric car repairs.

The battery is arguably the most important part of your hybrid electric vehicle. When you come to us for a hybrid battery replacement, you can feel confident that you will be receiving not only the best service but also the most experienced and knowledgeable staff, because hybrid electric cars and are all we do. Taking your hybrid electric to the dealer can be expensive and independent mechanics are inefficient and inexperienced.



Local Experts Focusing On Your Hybrid Vehicle

At Mile Hybrid Auto, we do all our work in-house. We are experts in repairing, replacing, and installing new and reconditioned hybrid electric car batteries that combine environmental awareness and affordability. We started out as experts in reconditioning Prius batteries and have since expanded our services to many other hybrids electric car batteries, including Toyota Prius, Honda Civic, Honda Insight, and Honda IMA batteries.

We work exclusively on gasoline-electric Hybrid electric vehicles, primarily the Toyota Prius, Highlander, and Camry as well as Lexus Hybrids. We will soon be offering a full range of services for Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan and Chevrolet hybrids. As a full-service mechanic shop, we are dedicated to handling all of your hybrid electric automotive repair needs with unmatched service, expertise, and affordability.  Whether you need a routine check-up or a full repair, we are the best option for anything and everything hybrid.

Family Owned & Operated Since 2008!

We are very humbled and honored by this success & we cherishevery word of mouth referral, return customer and compliment. THANKYOU!
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The Mile Hybrid Automotive family is proud to be the one & only…

The MileHybrid Automotive family is proud to be the one and only specialized hybrid electric and electric auto repair company in the Rocky Mountain region. While our name is new, our Hybrid car repair experience is not. Our owner and proprietor Eric Sumpter built Mile Hybrid Automotive with twenty years of technology experience, a lifelong passion for automobiles, and an environmental awareness from the development of cutting-edge products targeted at the “Green IT” market. MileHybrid Automotive is the regions longest standing hybrid shop and one of the very first businesses to provide reconditioned hybrid batteries in the entire country.

Our staff of highly trained Denver hybrid electric car repair professionals will take care of you. From an oil change to a new Hybrid battery replacement, trans-axle or full rebuild, trust our trained Denver hybrid electric car repair professionals to take care of it for you. We look forward to adding you to our long list of loyal, satisfied customers. We have a personal approach to customer service and we guarantee our work. But don’t just take our word for it…


Why Do You Need the Best EV Mechanic Service for Your Electric or Hybrid Car?

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As electric cars and hybrid vehicles continue to become increasingly popular, so does just about any electronic car repair service. Of course, with all these changes in the automotive industry, it’s becoming more and more important to choose the right EV repair service for your car.

How an Experienced EV Repair Specialist Will Help You

Owning a hybrid or an electric vehicle can be a challenge if you don’t have the right support from your mechanic. Here are just some of the areas where a dependable electric and electronic auto repair service can really make a difference:

1. Your battery is one of the main components that can easily get damaged, and its price is normally pretty high. With the help of a dependable electronic auto repair service, you can get it replaced or have the individual cells replaced in record time and for less money.
2. The electronic system of a hybrid or electric vehicle is one of the most complex in the entire industry. If you want your car serviced properly and the most difficult electronic issues handled with care and professionalism, you will need a hybrid or electric car technician to help you out.
3. A good EV mechanic can also keep track of leak issues and failures associated with the evaporative emissions system, avoiding costly fixes like the repair of the catalytic converter or preventing low gas mileage due to excessive oxygen in the exhaust or problems with the regenerative braking system.

Call a Dependable EV Service

Whether to get an accurate estimate on a repair or find out how to minimize your cost on a repair job that might seem at first to be very pricey, you can rely on a trusted and professional EV mechanic to help you out and get the job done properly.

In the friendly atmosphere of an EV auto repair shop and with the proactive attitude of local experts who know how to approach even the most challenging hybrid and EV repairs, you can save a lot of time and money while resting assured that your car is in good hands. Just call your preferred local hybrid or electric car mechanic, and you will get the best service in town.

Hear What Customers Had To Say!

I have owned 5 Toyota Prius and have brought all of the to Mile Hybrid for years. They really know their stuff on hybrids. They have always been honest and fair. They have connections to source new and used parts. They are also a dealer so if you are looking for a Hybrid you can just let them know and they will track one down and check it over to make sure everything is working great. Most dealers do not know much about the batteries and hybrid systems which can cost a lot to repair and replace. These guys are great!

Don W.

…I originally went in to have my AC recharged after I had replaced the condenser due to rock chips and didn’t want to mess with the AC myself since our AC compressors are a bit tricky to do. I also asked them to give the car a simple inspection to look for issues as well as run a diagnostic to help figure out an issue I was having with the radiator fans. He ran that and explained it thoroughly. I’m pretty proficient with the mechanics of this car but it was nice to hear more specifics about the issues. He also showed me the charts of the diagnostic. They were awesome and actually really fast… Very happy with their service and highly recommend them to anyone…

Steve B.

These guys understand the most fundamental part of any business – HONEST Customer Service. We had an issue with our 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid and they offered us several options to make it better. They got it fixed and we are very happy with the work! Soon after that, I talked to Eric and Andy regarding upgrading my business and adding a hybrid vehicle. I was driving a work van and getting 14.8 MPG, and that had to change ASAP. We put together a plan, and I now have an excellent Ford Escape Hybrid for my business. Talk to them about your Hybrid needs – they can help – and they will.

Chuck T.

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