Toyota Prius battery replacement

Some of the car components can freeze during the winter, when there are very low temperatures; therefore many people who must use the car during this season worry about the perspective of dealing with a freezing battery.

Yes, car batteries may freeze. Experts say that a fully charged car battery can only freeze at extreme temperatures. But if a car battery is discharged due to cell damage, improper connections, or an inefficient charging system, the battery may begin to freeze even at zero degrees Celsius. A 100% charged battery will not freeze untill minus 60 degrees Celsius, so in this case there is no reason to worry.

A discharged battery has less than 12 volts. A 12 volt battery has six cells connected in series, and if a cell is damaged, the voltage will drop below 12 volts. The electrolyte inside the car battery is made of about 25% sulfuric acid and 75% water. Acid chemically interacts with lead plates to create electricity, leaving much of the water in a state that is more susceptible to frost. The frozen water inside a battery looks like the ice cubes in the fridge. When the battery freezes, it often creates a short circuit between positive and negative plates. If this happens, in most cases you will need a new battery. You can have a Toyota Prius battery installed by hybrid experts and have your vehicle up and running in no time!