Hybrid cars are increasingly popular because they are energy efficient and release fewer polluting emissions. If you are considering buying a hybrid car this year, then you should know what your options are.

Hybrid car battery replacement

There are three types of hybrid car depending on the way their dual power system is working:

  1. Parallel Hybrid Cars

This is the most frequent type of hybrid car available on the market. It has three different ways of powering the engine:

  • By fuel
  • By electric battery
  • By both sources at the same time.

For example, when you are just starting the car and the speed is less than 15 mph, the electric battery is in use. As you reach cruising speed, the fuel kicks in to give the engine maximum performance. When you decelerate or brake, the regenerative braking system creates electricity which is stored in the battery.

  1. Range Extended Hybrid Car

This type of hybrid car runs exclusively on the electricity stored in the battery. The conventional fuel engine is used only to generate electricity. This means that it is the most energy efficient type of hybrid car – but also among the premium priced models.

  1. Plug-In Hybrid Car

This is probably the most convenient type of hybrid cars. You simply plug it into a special socket to recharge the battery. This is a crossover model that works more like a fully electric car than a conventional gas powered vehicle.

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