If you are currently thinking of buying a hybrid car, but you are worried about the complexity and the costs related to vehicle maintenance, here are some tips for you:

  • Don’t neglect the car thinking that it is too expensive – the truth is that hybrid car maintenance is more complex than the maintenance of a modern car powered by only an internal combustion engine. Most Toyota Prius battery maintenance procedures can be carried out by your mechanic without requiring special training, so you have no excuse for neglecting the car;
  • Don’t neglect the oil change – hybrid cars are moved by the powerful electric motor up to a certain speed, which also means the car runs less on the gas engine and uses less oil, but even so, the oil and the oil filter needs to be changed regularly;
  • Do pay attention to any sign that indicates a cooling issue – hybrid models use regenerative braking and the powerful, modern braking system generates a huge amount of heat, therefore the car’s cooling system needs to be checked and kept in peachy condition;
  • Do use the right type of oil – most hybrid cars use lower weight oils, so make sure you use the type of oil specified in the car’s manual.

Toyota Prius battery maintenance