The automotive industry is changing and electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular. Even if, for now, they make up only a small percentage of the market, trends are revealing their increasing popularity, as time goes on. Electric vehicles are clearly a thing of the future and they are here to stay.

Owning an electric vehicle comes with specific challenges and one of the most important things is to find an electric car mechanic when you need it.

Electric cars work a bit differently than regular cars. Their electric engine requires less maintenance than a typical internal combustion engine and there are also less things that can go wrong with it. However, these new engines are not infallible and someone must work on them now and then.

Isn’t a regular mechanic good at it?

No, not necessarily, but they can get the necessary training to be able to repair and maintain electric vehicles. The education of an electric car mechanic must include electrical safety, high voltage systems, specialized components etc.

Mile Hybrid Automotive

A traditional mechanic is most likely not familiar about software engineering or battery related engineering so, in order to ensure proper repairs and maintenance for your EV, you should take it to a Mile Hybrid Automotive dealership (  – specialized in this area.