summer is a great time to get warm weather auto accessories

Summer comes with hot weather that is inviting and makes us all want to spend more time outdoors, but it also makes spending long periods in the car more uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are lots of great accessories that you can use in your car to make your cabin space more comfortable – here are some ideas from hybrid car experts, like those found at Mile Hybrid Automotive:

  • Sunshades – the thin, silver-colored sheets that are placed directly underneath the windshield prevent the air and the objects in the cabin from becoming hot, making the car more comfortable when you sit behind the wheel after the vehicle has been parked in a sunny lot for hours;
  • AC cup holders – attached directly to the AC vents, these holders will keep your beverage cold during the entire ride;
  • Air freshener – modern air fresheners are available in varieties that use genuine essential oils that not only smell great, but also have real health benefits;
  • A cooler – keeping beverages and food chilled while driving long distances is no longer difficult. Modern cooling boxes attach to the car’s 12V socket and provide a capacity around 8 liters, just enough for longer drives, even with children in the car;
  • Seat covers – great for protecting leather upholstery as well as for spending a long time sitting in the car.