At the moment, no one doubts that the future belongs to electric vehicles, and the near future belongs to hybrids. The power source for such vehicles is a high-voltage battery, which is the most expensive spare part.

The battery of a hybrid car (full hybrid or plug-in hybrid) is the most intensively discussed topic, in addition to the initial cost of purchase.

Nowadays, most manufacturers offer an extended warranty, which can reach 8-10 years, or a limited number of kilometers traveled, such as 160,000 km. However, even during this time, it is often necessary to replace a battery cell.

The stages of this type of service include:

  • Hybrid system deactivation
  • Disassembly of the entire battery pack
  • Location of damaged connection(s)
  • Replacement of the damaged cell
  • Restoration of electrical connections

Nissan Leaf repair

It is recommended by a reliable Nissan Leaf repair service near me that the hybrid vehicle battery service be performed only in car service/ auto workshops that hold a permit in this regard! Hybrid auto mechanics have the equipment and knowledge that ensure quality services and understand the operation of the vehicle, ensuring the attention it deserves, and giving you peace of mind.

The warranty of the electric battery can be lost in various situations of improper operation, such as charging outside the parameters mentioned by the manufacturer or service interventions performed by unauthorized mechanics.