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Hybrid cars have only recently become widespread, but their history goes back to the 19th century – the first hybrid vehicle was built by Ferdinand Porsche in 1899. Called the System Lohner-Porsche Mixte, the vehicle used two sources of power, like modern hybrids, but the system was very much different: it consisted of a gasoline engine that powered an electric motor that moved the front wheels. Though the invention was very well-received, it was overshadowed by Henry Ford’s gasoline-powered automobile launched in 1904 and interest turned toward using two sources of power again only in the 1960’s. The oil crisis in the 1970’s provided further motivation to auto manufacturers to develop vehicles that rely less on gas, but the rebirth of the hybrid came only in 1999, with the Honda Insight. Toyota was quick to recognize the huge potential in producing hybrids and in 2000, they launched the Toyota Prius sedan, one of their most popular models ever since. The first years of the 21st century were marked by a growing interest toward hybrid vehicles and gradually, all major auto makers launched their own hybrid line-ups in various categories, including sedans, SUVs and compact models. Hybrid cars are here to stay and to develop, too, the  current direction being that of plug-in hybrids.

From an oil change to a hybrid battery to a complete rebuild and anything in between, MileHybrid Automotive is the recognized expert in the Denver area. Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV’s) and Electric vehicles (EV’s) are their only business. Count on them for exceptional care and service of your hybrid vehicle.