Although the initial purchase price may be higher than in the case of conventional cars, an electric vehicle is considered to be very cost-efficient on the longer term, as far as maintenance, repair and replacements are concerned. Fuel savings on their own may, for example, rise up to over $4,700 in 10 years.

The overall repair costs for an EV can be much lower than in the case of gasoline-powered vehicles, namely about half, for their entire lifespan. The reason for that lies in the fact that electric vehicles have fewer moving parts than conventional cars. Thus, while gas-powered cars have about 2000 moving parts, an electric vehicle only has about 20 moving parts.

The total costs for EV ownership may depend on various factors such as the exact region, the specific model, the rates for electricity services, charging access, and so on.

The typical maintenance procedure for electric vehicles includes adjusting the pressure for the tires and rotating them. Although many people may feel worried about changing their EV battery, car makers cover the battery pack for a longer period of time, usually for 8 years, or for 100,000 miles.

So, regardless of your specific issue, an experienced electric car mechanic can certainly help you save money on your car.