With Denver EV repair in high demand, a lot of people might wonder what their options are for finding accessible and affordable electric car repair solutions. That raises other questions, too: for instance, how complex is an EV, and could you repair it yourself?

Nissan leaf mechanic

Unfortunately for DIY enthusiasts, an electric car is not a very good DIY project to choose for a number of reasons:

  1. The electronics can be incredibly complex, and they can use components that are not easy to find. Moreover, since they are built by machines, these systems are very difficult to repair by hand, either because of their placement, complexity or size. If an electronic block is damaged or it malfunctions, most often the car has to be serviced.
  2. The battery and the motor are both proprietary in their design and would be extremely hard to repair as well. Most times you’ll be looking at a complete replacement job.
  3. As with most modern cars, you still need to bring your EV into the service yard so that the professionals can check the computer and parts. Modern car computers are very advanced and complicated, so most car owners will hardly be able to get them to show any details whatsoever about a possible malfunction.

The bottom line is that EVs are already remarkably complex and they’re becoming increasingly more complex every year. As such, your best bet is to visit a certified Nissan leaf mechanic near me to deal with any malfunction or issue that you might experience.