In an uncertain present, when it comes to fuel consumption, car manufacturers have been thinking about diverse solutions. The eco-friendly trend has also prompted the auto industry to reinvent itself. Constant care for the environment has stimulated engineers to develop new concepts that combine (and even replace!) a powerful engine with alternative ima battery power sources.ima battery

Hybrid cars are currently the best solution because they have two engines: traditional and electric. Gasoline helps the engine work as an electric generator. In the design of hybrid cars, the emphasis is placed on fuel efficiency, and the technology developed to help vehicles use less fuel is quite impressive.

When braking, the electric motor stops and rotates from the vehicle’s impulse, as it stops. This is called Regenerative Braking and is specific to vehicles with electric engines in the transmission system. Some hybrids do a really good job and they barely need the traditional engine to generate electricity for charging the batteries.

Hybrids also have the ability to use the electric engine for starting the traditional engine, as well as to stop it when the vehicle is off and restart it when the brake is released. This technology is called Automatic Stop-Start and eliminates idle fuel waste. While only a few of the gasoline vehicles use this technology, it is present in most hybrids.