Over the years, Honda made efforts to build a good reputation as a fuel-efficient car manufacturer. Each vehicle, including modern hybrids, is equipped with small engines that are very reliable and efficient.Honda Ima battery for hybrid vehicle

IMA abbreviation, which refers to “Integrated Motor Assist” represents Honda’s hybrid car technology. This system has three important functions. First of all, it involves the hybrid propulsion itself, the gasoline engine being supported, if necessary, by the electric one. Secondly, IMA recovers battery power when braking. Finally, the last function requires the automatic stop of the engine at the traffic light, as well as its restart, when the brake pedal is released.

IMA is based on the relationship between the two engines (classic and electric), by substituting, under certain circumstances, the internal combustion power for electric power. The electric energy comes from a nickel-metal battery, which gets charged automatically under deceleration, particularly braking; this is known as regenerative braking and it was designed to transform the electric motor into a generator. The energy produced is stored in the battery for later use.

How do you charge a Honda IMA battery?

Honda guarantees that you will not have to do worry about charging your hybrid`s battery. Your daily driving is enough to recharge the battery with the automatically regulated energy flow. No electric connection, no search for a charging point. A Honda hybrid system is guaranteed for 5 years or for a distance of 100,000 km.