electric car technician

Every year, more and more electric cars are sold in response to today’s society’s needs to decarbonize the transport system and to support alternative solutions to conventional technologies based on internal combustion engines and classical fuels.

But there are certain challenges related to EVs, one of them being their correct service, given that, with the technologic advancements, electric auto repair became more complicated in recent years. It is essential that a good electric car technician attend accredited specialized courses before working on the servicing of EVs.

Probably the biggest challenges, especially when it comes to safety, are raised by the battery of an electric vehicle, and that’s because we are talking about a battery much more powerful than that of ordinary vehicles, which is made in such a way that it can start itself if it is needed in the operations of the car. This makes it more dangerous than a normal battery.

One of the risks that mechanics take when they must repair such a battery, is the high risk of electric shock due to the high voltage in the electrical system. They must wear appropriate protective equipment.

Another risk would be if the battery is not completely disconnected before working on it, a risk that can cause damage to the vehicle.