An electric vehicle, also known as battery electric vehicle, is a car which has an electric motor and battery and which uses only electricity as a fuel. On the other hand, an energy efficient Toyota hybrid battery uses an electric motor and a gasoline-based engine to make the car move.

energy efficient Toyota hybrid battery

The major advantage of a hybrid car is that they use less fuel and emit less CO2, thus being more environmentally-friendly and, therefore, the perfect choice of many modern drivers.

The exact distance you can go with a hybrid battery car depends on the type of hybrid that you have. Thus, there are three main types of hybrid cars to choose from.

The first one is the so-called parallel hybrid cars. In this case, the wheels can be powered in several different ways: by the electric motor only, directly by the engine or by both sources taken together. This type of hybrid can power the car for up to 1.25 miles.

Range extender hybrids use their conventional engine to make electricity for a generator which recharges the battery. Being stronger, this type of hybrids can go further than the mild ones.

Plug-in hybrid cars are equipped with a plug for recharging the battery from an external electric outlet. They can go for up to 30 miles.