Buying an electric car used to be a move that pretty much restricted you to the city – usually a small city. However, with new advances being made in battery manufacturing technology, the range of these vehicles has increased greatly over the past 3-4 years alone.

Tesla’s Model X, Model 3 and Model S are the cars that currently hold the longest range of any electric vehicle. However, with prices still going above $60k, these cars are not exactly the most affordable ones you can get from your local dealership.

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Fortunately, many other car manufacturers now offer electric vehicles that go far beyond the range that past models did. Just a few years ago, you could only drive a basic, affordable electric vehicle as long as about 80 miles before having to recharge. A dependable electric car technician near me says that now the bar has been raised well above 200 miles, which makes these cars almost as practical as the new Tesla models.

Some of the ones we can speak of include the Nissan Leaf S Plus with a range of 226 miles and the 2021 Polestar 2 with a high performance battery that will last for up to 233 miles without much of a problem. The best “non-Tesla” 2021 model, however, is the new Hyundai Kona Electric with an impressive range of 258 miles.