Toyota hybrid cars have been invented to reduce humanity’s dependence on fossil fuels – hybrid vehicles use not one, but two engines for propulsion, an electric motor powered by a special, very powerful Toyota Prius battery that moves the car from when it is started until the vehicle reaches a certain speed and a standard, internal combustion engine that takes over the task of propelling the vehicle after it reaches the upper limit for the electric motor. The technology allows vehicle owners to save considerably on fuel expenses and it also reduces the environmental impact of the vehicle significantly.

Toyota Prius battery

Toyota Hybrid cars are helping the environment with other features as well. The special hybrid battery pack that supplies the energy for the electric motor is very durable, which also means that these special units don’t get dumped and don’t fill junk yards with hazardous waste. Hybrid vehicles also use advanced exhaust gas after-treatment technologies that reduce the emission of toxins and pollutants, adding further eco-friendly features.

Today’s hybrid cars come in a wide range of sizes and types, form small, compact cars that are perfect for city driving to large SUV’s that work great for families, so limitations in size and type are no longer obstacles – you can get the hybrid that works best for you.