The longevity of a hybrid car battery depends on several factors. First of all, it is the type of car that determines how long the battery is likely to live. Then come the maintenance aspects, as well as whether the repairs, replacements or any other kind of work were performed by reliable professionals.

At the same time, the longevity of a Toyota Prius battery may also depend on the how often you are using your vehicle. In case you are using it for providing Taxi services, you may certainly be using it more often than if you were using your car merely for private purposes.

Toyota Prius battery

The age of your vehicle also has an impact on the longevity of its hybrid battery. A hybrid car that is used for private purposes usually needs repair after about 10 years, whereas a Taxi car may need special care and attention after only 5 years.

The number of kilometers on your clock also determines the lifespan of your hybrid car battery. In general, if you do maintenance operations regularly and take the necessary steps to ensure that your petrol engine performs at its best, a hybrid car battery can last for about 10 years or even longer.