Hybrid batteries are in many ways like the batteries used on conventionally powered cars, but they are more efficient in terms of the capacity to hold power and their role is also slightly different: they are intended to supply the energy necessary for the electric motor that propels the vehicle up to the speed when the internal combustion engine takes over.

engine and battery for hybrid car

The component is large, strong and essential for the operation of the vehicle and in the past, it was also among the car’s most expensive parts, a piece the price of which put off many buyers. Like any battery, hybrid batteries also fail eventually, but fortunately, the price tags attached to them have become more affordable. A few years ago, a new battery for hybrid car could cost thousands of dollars, but modern manufacturing technologies have significantly reduced the costs and increased the output, too. Another thing that you should know about hybrid batteries is that a failed battery does not necessary need to be tossed. Many companies today provide repair and reconditioning services for hybrid packs – they will check each element of the faulty pack to identify the broken component and they will replace the faulty piece for the fraction of the price of a new battery.