Hybrid car batteries are special, large and powerful packs that last very long – most batteries are warranted for at least 5 years or 100,000 miles, but lots of hybrid cars have passed that mark a long time ago and their batteries are still going strong. However, the answer to the question is a little more complex – here are some aspects that you should know about:

  • Battery filter replacement – while most standard batteries don’t require any maintenance, hybrid cars use a very complex system built around the special battery pack that does require some attention. The system includes a special, serviceable filter for the battery’s cooling system that needs to be inspected every 10,000 miles and replaced, if necessary;
  • Checking the coolant flow valve – many hybrids also use complex cooling systems to ensure that the battery and the electric motor operate at optimal temperatures. The system includes a coolant flow valve the functioning of which is monitored by the car’s computer. The computer will also signal if the valve fails, case in which the component must be replaced;
  • Charging style – hybrid batteries work best and live the longest if their charging level is permanently kept in the 20-80% range, not lower than the lower limit, but not 100% charged either.

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