Replacing engine oil at the regular, prescribed intervals is essential for any car, for conventional vehicles that use only an internal combustion engine as well as for hybrid cars that use a combination of electric motor – conventional engine. The recommended intervals for the oil change are also similar for hybrids and for conventional cars (usually around 5,000 miles), but given the special construction of hybrid vehicles, the internal combustion does not run all the time, so your engine will take longer to cover the distance after which the replacement of the oil is required.

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According to Honda ima battery replacement specialists, another factor that influences the length of the oil change intervals is the type of the oil that you use. You have two options: conventional, mineral-based oils and synthetic products. The later types of engine oil use a molecular structure that makes the generated oil film much more durable than the film created with mineral-based lubricants, therefore the protection offered to your engine by synthetic oils is much more durable as well. Synthetic oils are usually a bit more expensive than mineral-based oils, but they offer not only more protection for your engine, but more efficient cleaning and prolonged oil change intervals as well, so synthetic products are worth considering for your next oil change.