Toyota is the brand with the most hybrid vehicle sales on the market and the most reliable model, namely the Prius.

If you have noticed that your Toyota doesn’t perform optimally, you probably wonder how to get it back in top shape. One common mistake is replacing the battery before ensuring there is no other possible issue, such as reconditioning.

Toyota Prius battery

Reconditioning can be simple and cost-effective if you have a dying Prius battery. The Toyota Prius battery pack consists of 28 individual cells. The package only fails when a few of these cells are defective. One way to extend battery life is to replace the damaged module with a new one. This way, you can save money compared to buying a new battery. The battery can last 6-7 years after reconditioning.

If battery replacement is imminent, you must choose carefully to whom you entrust your car. You need a specialist in electric and hybrid vehicles, preferably certified by Toyota.

Your Toyota Prius uses a much more powerful battery than those in regular vehicles, but it is also much more dangerous than a standard battery.

One of the risks that mechanics take when they have to repair a hybrid vehicle’s battery is the high risk of electric shock due to the high voltage in the electrical system. Another risk will be if the battery is not entirely disconnected before working on it, a risk that can cause damage to the vehicle.