Because electric and hybrid car tend to grow in popularity, people become more interested in finding good car mechanics, rather than merely taking their hybrid vehicles to the dealers they got it from.

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First of all, you need to know whether your mechanic is familiar with your car model, and ideally with the manufacturer’s recommendations for it. Of course, you also need to do your own homework, or talk to hybrid and electric vehicle experts at,  and find out all there is to know about your car’s model by reading your owner’s manual.

Another good question to ask your potential mechanic is if he is able to fix brakes. The thing is hybrid vehicles have more complex braking systems than conventional cars. The more details he is able to provide, the better.

Although they may not have the right people for this job, your local dealership can recommend you good professionals. Model-specific online forums can be yet another great source for find the experts you need.

The good news is there are many aspects related to fixing a hybrid vehicle that can be fixed by standard mechanics, such as the steering system, hoses and belts, etc. Nevertheless, bear in mind that certain issues must be fixed by an authorized facility in order to keep your warranty.