A hybrid car designed by a reputable manufacturer is considered nowadays trouble-free and economical. However, if you experience a battery failure, you should beware of high costs.

Some manufacturers have come very far in creating economical and silent hybrid cars. What makes a hybrid vehicle stand out? The fact that there is an additional smaller electric engine, designed to support the combustion unit, when driving the vehicle at low speed. This engine extracts energy from a high-capacity lithium-ion battery. However, just like other types of batteries, these will eventually lose their capacity too, as the number of charge/discharge cycles increase with time, until they reach a critical level. At this point, the solution is to replace or regenerate the battery.

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Battery life can be affected if the car is not used much, but also by high exterior temperatures. Reputable manufacturers make good batteries, which come with the same warranty as the vehicle, but purchasing batteries for your hybrid vehicle from an unknown source can prove to be an expensive trap.

Fortunately, a person who has a hybrid with a worn battery must not necessarily think of replacing the battery as being the only solution. According to a great EV mechanic near me, there are many companies already that offer battery regeneration services. They are equipped to measure the capacity of all the battery`s cells and to replace those that have fallen below the required performance level.