helpful tips for hybrid car maintenance

Hybrid cars have a different build and mode of operation than traditional cars. Thus, the maintenance tasks for such a car are different from the ones you were used to. In order to prolong the useful life of your hybrid and avoid costly repairs, here are a few maintenance tasks to keep in mind:

Oil Change Interval

The way hybrid cars work means that you don’t have to change the oil as frequently as for an internal combustion car. A hybrid car uses the combustion engine less and this makes an oil fill last longer. Always make sure you keep the changing schedule specified in your user manual.

Battery Replacement

Your hybrid vehicle will eventually need a battery replacement. Look online or locally at Mile Hybrid to find the best refurbished Toyota Prius battery.

Check for Heat Damage

A hybrid car generates lots of heat when the regenerative braking system is functional. This is why the cooling system of the car is of paramount importance and you should take it for inspection as soon as you notice problems. These problems can be identified at the hoses, pipes and air filters. If they look damaged by heat, it could be a case of inadequate cooling.

Use Oil with the Right Viscosity Value

Hybrid cars need lower weight oil compared to internal combustion cars. The recommended value is OW-20. This level of viscosity ensures the right balance between proper lubrication and fuel economy. Thicker oil will not damage the car, but it will not help you safe fuel, either, and this is one of the key reasons why you chose a hybrid car.