get your hybrid vehicle in shape for summer road trip

One of people`s most frequent questions when it comes to hybrid vehicles is whether they are practical for long trips too, not just for city driving.

Manufacturers always declare that their car batteries are powerful enough to support road trips and besides, when the battery goes down, the fuel engine takes in, so you will not be left in the middle of nowhere.

However, some vehicle preparation is necessary before you start your road trip, because you do not want to use the fuel engine too much after all, considering that it is not economic, nor eco-friendly. So, use ChargePoint to map charging stations along your way. This will allow you to make your estimations more easily and avoid having a discharged battery. Maybe you could even do the entire excursion using no gas and saving some money! Although this might be possible, you should avoid having unrealistic expectations. After all, the electric engine is the most efficient at low speeds, while driving through the town, accelerating and breaking often; in the case of longer road trips, do not expect something close to this efficiency and just be grateful if you do not have to recharge the Honda ima battery too often.