In case you have any kind of problems with your hybrid vehicle, there are a number of things you could ask your auto mechanic. This is your chance to clarify anything you may need to in order to take the right decisions.

Honda Civic hybrid battery

First of all, you should know the exact period until your dependable Honda Civic hybrid battery may need to be replaced. These batteries are far more complex than the classic ones. At the same time, they obviously are more expensive and harder to fix.

Another good thing to ask about is whether you are using the right type of oil. Although it may seem tempting to use the very same type of oil as in the case of traditional cars, hybrid vehicles usually require oil with lower viscosity than the one used for conventional vehicles.

And another important matter to get clear refers to the exact life expectancy for your hybrid vehicle. Getting an honest, experienced answer will certainly help you decide on whether you should keep and fix your car or you should invest in a new one.

At the same time, you could ask your mechanic if he will be able to provide you with a written record of the works performed on your car.