2019 goals

If your resolutions for the New Year include plans to reduce your carbon footprint and to save money by replacing your old car with a Honda hybrid, here are some of the ways that you will be able to reduce both the environmental impact of your driving and your car-related costs:

  • Reduced ownership costs – some hybrid vehicles (not all, though) might be more expensive to buy, but they are much cheaper to own due to their special construction that uses an electric motor powered by a special and reliable Honda ima battery pack at lower speeds and switches to the conventional, internal combustion engine only when the car reaches a certain speed. The technology reduces the car’s fuel needs significantly, which will reduce overall ownership costs;
  • Sturdy, reliable constructions that brake down less frequently – though not a feature that arises from the deployment of hybrid technology, most hybrids are great, reliable cars that will not leave you on the side of the road and will not break down nearly as often as a conventional car of the same age;
  • Higher resale value – many hybrid models don’t depreciate as fast as standard cars, they maintain value better and for much longer than conventional cars.