hybrid vehicle maintenance

Considering that hybrid cars become more and more popular especially for being environmentally-friendly, people wonder how much will cost them the maintenance of a hybrid vehicle compared with a regular vehicle.

Well, the good news is that routine maintenance as well as minor repairs are not significantly costlier on a hybrid than on a regular vehicle.  Only significant repairs, such as replacing the oxygen sensors or catalytic converters, changing the Honda insight battery or fixing leaks in the evaporative emissions system will take more money out from your pocket.

But let`s go back to hybrid car maintenance.

The gasoline engine of a hybrid vehicle requires the same maintenance as that on a regular car. However, some operations must not be performed just as often (oil changing is an example). Besides, more and more mechanics specialize in hybrids, so you can now save a part of the money you would pay by going to the dealership, for your car`s maintenance. Brake pads and brakes also tend to last much longer in hybrid vehicles, due to the design of the regenerative breaking system.

Some hybrid car models also require replacing the air filter on the electric battery system, but they are rather an exception.