In case you plan on buying a second hand Toyota Prius, then you should take into consideration the fact that you may have to change its battery in the near future, depending on the exact age of your car. In case you purchase a new vehicle of this kind, then it most probably carries a warranty, and that means that the dealer will change your battery within the warranty period – so, in this case, it’s certainly best to leave it to the professionals.

The fact is hybrid batteries can actually fail at any given moment, much like their conventional counterparts. While some batteries may last about 70,000 miles, others may last much longer, for about 200,000 miles or more.

When they do fail (and are out of warranty), you may be tempted to replace your Toyota Prius battery on your own, since, in the end, all you need is a typical set of hand tools and an electric screwdriver or drill. If you are new to this kind of DIY work, though, it’s still best to leave it to the hybrid battery replacement professionals, since you never know what can go wrong, and your safety is more important than trying to save a few dollars.