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If you live in a region where the occurrence of hailstorms is frequent, you must be prepared for the potential damage they cause. The evolution of a storm can be unpredictable and sometimes, no matter how much prepared you are, you will not be able to avoid the damage and you may find yourself assisting helpless to the destruction of different elements of your property.

Your car, just like your house, may get damaged. Sometimes hail causes dents, dings, or even cracked/ broken glass, but in other situations, typically when hailstones are smaller and less dense, the damage may not be visible.

You do not have to hurry to inspect your vehicle immediately after a hailstorm, because the car is wet and this is not going to help you indentify all the existing problems. Just wait until the vehicle dries out and then inspect it carefully.  If you spot only a few minor dings, you are lucky, as they can be repaired easily. However, in other situations, the damage may be severe and cost you a lot of money.

Make sure to document the damage, which means to take pictures or videos and write on paper the location of the damage. These will be useful later on, when you make an insurance claim.

From a service repair, to an oil change, to a hybrid battery replacement and anything in between, Mile Hybrid Automotive is the recognized expert for all your hybrid car service needs in the Rocky Mountain area.