Hybrid cars have become increasingly popular, with statistics estimating a rapid increase in their number, in the coming years.

A hybrid car is a vehicle that can run on both fuel and electricity. One of the well-known advantages of this type of vehicle lies in its ability to protect the environment.electric car technician

The hybrid car is a combination of a vehicle with a combustion engine that runs on diesel or gasoline, and an electric car that is powered by high-voltage batteries. According to a respected electric car technician that I know, the hybrid holds both forms of power supply.

It can be a smart choice for someone who is used to driving daily through the agglomeration of a big city, due to the ease of handling, the speed of the controls and especially the low fuel/energy consumption. It is produces less carbon dioxide compared to a regular car, which helps improve air quality in urban agglomerations and protect the environment.

In hybrid cars, the wheels can be driven directly by the classic engine, the electric engine or by both sources working together.  When starting and up to speeds of about 15 mph, a hybrid vehicle only uses the electric motor, which is why it is very economical for city traffic, where there are frequent starts and stops.