hybrid automotive

Hybrid vehicles are modern constructions that use more than one source of fuel to propel themselves forward – an electric motor that moves the car after starting and up to a certain speed and an internal combustion engine that a conventional source of energy, such as gas to take over from the electric motor when the motor has reached its limit. The technology comes with many benefits for the vehicle’s owner as well as for the environment:

  • Reduced pollution – the most obvious benefit of hybrid cars is their reduced environmental impact. Electric motors deliver power without generating noxious fumes, so hybrid cars are friendly on nature;
  • Reduced ownership costs – hybrid cars use regenerative braking systems that charge the vehicle’s electric motor whenever the brakes are activated, so the owner will need to buy fuel only for the internal combustion engine. The technology is being refined all the time and more powerful electric motors are being developed to increase the range that can be covered on electric motor and to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels as well as the costs of driving hybrids;
  • Tax incentives and other financial advantages – the government as well as local and state-level authorities encourage the purchase of hybrid cars with various incentives, including lower tax bills and exemptions from congestion charges.

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