Honda Civic hybrid battery

The principle difference between hybrid and electric cars is the source of energy they use for moving: while Honda hybrid cars rely on a Honda Civic hybrid battery pack for the ignition process and for moving up to a certain speed, after which they switch to a standard internal combustion engine, electric cars use only a strong electric motor powered by a special battery. The two operating principles bring about several other differences between the two vehicle types – here are some of the most important ones:

  • Emissions – as electric motors do not burn fuel, electric cars are zero-emission vehicles. Hybrid cars are also gentler on the environment than conventional cars, as their internal combustion engine turns on only when the vehicle has reached a certain speed, but they do produce exhaust gases;
  • Replenishing the energy – while filling the gas tank of hybrid cars takes only a few minutes and is done the same way as fueling up conventional cars, electric vehicles take much longer to charge and you will also need to take the car to a suitable charging station, usually found in gas stations or in the parking lots of supermarkets;
  • Autonomy – for the time being, hybrid cars run much more on a tank of gas that electric cars on one charge.