Hybrid technology has been around for over two decades and the segment of hybrid cars has already seen lots of innovation. As researchers and engineers work relentlessly on improving the technology, here are some of the directions and fields which hybrid cars are likely to improve in the future:

  • More mileage on the electric motor – initially, hybrid cars were moved by the electric motor only at very low speeds, then plug-in hybrids with more powerful Honda ima battery packs were introduced, making it possible to cover longer distances in full-electric mode. Many research projects nowadays focus on making hybrid batteries and the electric motors powered by them even more powerful;
  • Smaller battery packs – the special battery pack used in hybrid cars to power the electric motor adds a lot of weight to the overall weight of the vehicle and it is also a very large and bulky component. One of the directions of research and engineering is into the ways to reduce the size and the weight of the battery to make hybrid cars lighter and to allow auto makers to offer smaller hybrids that are more suitable for commuting in busy city traffic and are easier to park as well.

refueling hybrid car