The hybrid battery is one of the most special and most important components of hybrid cars, a special piece of technology that allows the powerful electric motor used in hybrids to move the car at lower speeds. The lifespan of the battery for hybrid car is also one of the biggest concerns of people who are currently thinking of buying a hybrid. Here is what you can expect of your hybrid battery pack:

  • A quickly developing technology – while in the past, hybrid battery packs lasted for up to 50,000 miles, modern hybrid cars run for at least 80,000 – 100,000 miles on the same pack and many hybrid car owners report having used the same pack for over 150,000 miles;
  • Factors that influence the longevity of the battery for hybrid car – one of the most important factors that influence the longevity of the battery is charging technique. The charge level of the hybrid pack should not go under 20% or over 80% and the temperature in the room where the charging is done need to be close to average room temperature. The driving style also influences battery longevity – erratic driving, with quick take offs and quick brakes will also shorten the life of the hybrid battery.

battery for hybrid car