winter driving vehicle maintenance tips

Wondering what to do to make sure your car works properly during the winter? If you don’t want your engine to stall or any aspect of your vehicle’s functioning process to be impaired, consider following these basic tips:

  • Check and top off all the fluids your car needs, including and most especially the oil. Winter is not a good time to run out of fluids, as the cold temperatures can make it very difficult to run a car that isn’t functioning at optimal capacity. Oil is especially a problem, since it can thicken when the colder temperatures hit, making it harder for you to start your car.
  • Another reason your car might have difficulty starting is because of the battery. A battery that is old or that failed temporarily in the past is especially vulnerable to harsh winter temperatures. So make sure you check your Honda Civic hybrid battery before the freeze arrives, and replace it if necessary.
  • Car maintenance should also be extended to your vehicle’s tires. Don’t let the pressure drop and keep track of the ones that lose their pressure faster. Also, replace all the caps before December comes. Getting an unexpected flat can be a possibility especially in lower temperature conditions.