Chevy Volt repair

If you ask any owner of a hybrid vehicle about the repair that is the most dreaded, they will probably agree that it is the replacement of the hybrid battery. The special battery pack that powers the electric motor that propels the vehicle at low speeds is among the most expensive components of hybrid cars. These special components are built to last, but even so, they will eventually fail and need to be replaced. Here are some things to know about hybrid battery replacement:

  • Only specialists can do it – a talented Chevy Volt repair professional affirmed that the replacement of a hybrid battery requires specialized knowledge, tools as well as access to high voltage, which means that only a specialized mechanic can do it.
  • Proper handling will prolong the life of the hybrid battery pack – not allowing the charge level to drop under 20% and taking care not to overcharge the battery will prolong its life considerably.
  • Refurbished batteries are an excellent option – in the past, failing hybrid batteries could only be replaced with brand new ones from the factory. This is no longer the case today, hybrid car owners have the option to choose refurbished batteries that will perform reliably for many years, but are much more affordable than new packs.