Owning a hybrid is slightly different from owning a conventional vehicle that is powered by a conventional internal combustion engine – here is why and how:

  • Hybrids are usually more expensive to buy than conventional vehicles, but the related ownership costs are lower – the combination of electric drive and conventional engine reduces fuel-related costs significantly, so you can expect to recover some of the amount you pay for your hybrid soon, by not having to spend as much on gas;
  • Hybrids don’t need more attention than conventional vehicles – many people decide to stay away from hybrids for fear that hybrid cars are more complicated and more expensive to maintain and to repair, but this cannot be further from the truth, hybrid cars are maintained and repaired the same way as conventional cars, what’s more, the long lasting battery for hybrid car can also be repaired under certain conditions;
  • Used hybrids retain value – hybrid cars also lose some of their value as they age, but their resale value is much closer to the purchase price even after years of usage than in the case of conventional cars;
  • Tax breaks – if you decide to get a new plug-in hybrid, you may become eligible for substantial tax incentives;
  • More favorable insurance premiums – many insurance companies nowadays offer discounted premiums for the insurances made out on hybrid vehicles.

battery for hybrid car