prepare your car for winter driving

Preparing your car for the special weather and road conditions typical for winter is essential for ensuring safety – here are some tips for you:

  • Oil replacement – using engine oil of the right quality is essential for ensuring the proper functioning of your car’s engine in freezing temperatures. To find the perfect product and viscosity, check out the recommendations in your vehicle’s manual;
  • Top up the antifreeze liquid – the ratio of coolant to water should be 60 to 40 in winter (in other seasons, 50-50 is the recommended value);
  • Get the battery checked – the engine needs more current to start in cold environments, so it is essential to ensure that your Honda ima battery is in perfect condition before freezing weather settles in;
  • Pay attention to the other fluids in the car – the brake fluid and the windshield washer liquid should also be checked and topped up if necessary;
  • Use winter tires – having proper traction is essential if you will be using the car a lot in winter. Replace the tires you use in normal weather with tires designed especially for snowy and icy roads. It is a good idea to check whether you have car tire chains in your trunk – if you don’t, get a set, they can be life savers.