winter vehicle maintenance

Winter motoring is always more complicated than driving around in your car when the weather is fair and warm, so here are a few tips for you to make sure your hybrid car is healthy and perfectly operational even when temperatures reach extremely low levels:

  • Keep your car in a heated garage – hybrid cars don’t like to spend long periods outside unmoved, so if you are planning to stay away from your car for a few days, move it inside. Unlike the batteries used in conventional vehicles, the special ima battery packs used in hybrids performs well in extremely cold weather as well, but hybrid cars use very complex and sophisticated electronics that do not resist well to freezing weather;
  • Keep up with all required maintenance – this is the best way to make sure your hybrid performs just as well in cold weather as it does from spring to fall. Don’t forget that hybrid cars use not only an electric motor, but a conventional engine, too and that engine needs the same care as the engines in conventional cars;
  • Pay attention to your tires – tires that provide suitable adherence and are inflated to the right hardness are essential for making sure your hybrid runs well on all road conditions.