cold weather car care

Winter is a difficult time for any type of vehicle, conventional, full-electric or hybrid alike – in low temperature conditions, all cars need more energy to start and they all lose some of their fuel efficiency. Even though the systems used for propulsion in hybrid cars are more complex than the ones used in conventional vehicles, hybrids are like any other car when it comes to winterization, the precaution and maintenance measures that owners need to pay attention to being the same – here is what you need to do to ensure the longevity of Toyota Prius battery and hybrid car during the cold months:

  • Keep the car in a heated garage – no car likes being exposed to extremely low temperatures or to snow and ice, so try to find a shelter for your hybrid, preferably a place that can be heated;
  • Clean off snow and ice whenever necessary – the snow and ice that accumulates on your car not only reduces the car’s fuel efficiency, but it is also harmful for the polish and the chassis, so regular cleaning is very important;
  • Pay attention to aerodynamics – protruding accessories, such as ski racks, further decrease fuel efficiency in cold weather, so remove such items when you don’t need them on the car.