high performing Toyota hybrid battery

Hybrid cars today come in a wide range of sizes and types, each of them featuring different levels of fuel efficiency. Here are some details about hybrid types and fuel economy:

  • Parallel hybrids – the most common types of hybrid cars offer three different ways to power the car: the electric mode uses only the electric motor and it is available up to a certain speed, the internal combustion engine turns on to take over the task of moving the car when the electric motor leaves it off and a parallel mode, when both motors work together. The type is very useful in city driving, running on almost no fuel at all in stop-start city driving; A high preforming Toyota hybrid battery ensures your hybrid vehicle is reliable and remains in good running order.
  • Range extended hybrid cars – this type of hybrid uses the internal combustion engine only to recharge the special battery pack that powers the electric engine, never for actually moving the car, which also means that range extended hybrids use even less fuel than parallel hybrids;
  • Plug-in hybrids – these hybrids have an autonomy on the electric motor of up to 30 miles, making them the hybrids that are the closest to full-electric vehicles and ensuring very high fuel economy, features that make plug-ins one of the most popular modern options.