Mile Hybrid Automotive

Hybrid cars are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. They are called hybrid, because they have a dual power source: the gas engine and an electric engine. To understand how hybrid cars work, we will describe the three most common driving conditions:

  1. During Regular Cruising

When you are driving your hybrid car on a highway, the gas engine is in use. This is the most efficient way of keeping the car driving properly, at the adequate speed. While keeping the car moving, the gas engine also creates electricity, which is stored in the battery.

  1. Pulling Away from a Stop

When driving through the city, you meet lots of stop signs. This is why city driving usually consumes more fuel than highway driving for internal combustion engines. By contrast, a hybrid car will not use the gas engine when it is cruising at less than 15 mph. This is why hybrid cars are ideal for driving in the city.

  1. During Braking

The key advantage of hybrid cars is called regenerative braking. When you step on the brake pedal, the car uses the spinning of the wheels to power a generator which produces electricity. This electricity is stored in the battery. Thus, every time you hit the brake, you refill the car battery little by little.

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