mechanics talk about hybrid battery longevity

The special battery pack that moves the car at low speeds, before the internal combustion engine turns on, is one of the most important and most expensive components of the car. Most hybrid battery packs can deliver the expected performance for about 6-10 years or for around 100,000, but with proper care, your hybrid battery can serve your car well for much longer. Here are some tips to avert hybrid car battery replacement for as long as possible:

  • Adopt the right driving style – coasting to a stop, rather than slamming the brakes is a great way of extend the life of the battery pack. Coasting prolongs battery life by generating kinetic energy and charging the pack while on the road. Accelerating gently is also important, that way the car stays in electric mode for longer and the battery is cycled more efficiently;
  • Pay attention to the cooling system – most hybrid cars ventilate the special battery pack with air drawn from the cabin, therefore maintaining the cooling system in good condition is essential for battery health;
  • Adopt the proper charging technique – hybrid batteries work best when their charge levels are between 20-80%, so you should not charge your battery to 100% and you should never deplete it completely either.