As in the case of every type of car, hybrids come in a variety of different colors. While each color might symbolize something closely related to the manufacturer, what really matters, when it comes to choosing a popular color, is what most of the people you come across might say about it.

Take one of the most popular hybrid cars ever built: the Toyota Prius. Even though the Prius comes in many shapes and colors, especially after the new 2018 version came out, you’ll still find most magazines and papers showing photos of the iconic white Prius. Look for a reliable Toyota Prius battery at your local Mile Hybrid Automotive specialists.

vehicle colors

The Honda Clarity is another highly popular hybrid that is available in its own distinctive set of colors. While they are somewhat flashier than the Prius’ design, the most popular colors are still light gray, beige and white.

However, if you look at the newest hybrids on the market, you’ll find that the color trend is definitely headed towards more sophisticated options. The 2018 Prius and its counterpart, the Toyota RAV4 are perfect examples of this. The RAV4 in particular is available in colors such as magnetic gray metallic, electric storm blue and galactic aqua mica, which are much edgier and more unique than what any hybrid had shown in the past, and these colors are rapidly gaining popular appeal.