The warning lights on the dashboard of any car provide important information about the vehicle’s condition, therefore they are not to be neglected. The information that shows up on the dashboard are even more important in the case of hybrid vehicles that use complex and sturdy, but at the same time sensitive components the fault of which can hinder overall vehicle performance and cause he failure of other components as well.Honda IMA battery replacement pros

One of the most important signs that you might see on the dash of your hybrid Honda is the IMA light. The abbreviation stands for Integrated Motor Assist, Honda’s hybrid technology, the IMA warning light indicating that the car’s hybrid battery pack needs maintenance or, even worse, replacement. When the light comes on, the car might still be suitable for driving, but the car’s performance might become significantly diminished soon and the risk of complete battery failure grows.

The best way to act when you see the IMA light is to take the vehicle to a qualified mechanic right away. The Honda IMA battery warning system is very sensitive, so the battery problem indicated might be minor and repairable, but the system needs to be checked professionally and urgently as well.