The Toyota Prius is widely considered to be one of the best hybrids available on the market. However, despite this fact, the car’s components won’t last forever, and you will eventually find yourself having to replace even important components such as the main battery. A Prius battery will typically last for up to 150,000 miles or somewhere close to 10 years. However, once it stops working, you will have to look at your options regarding having it repaired or replaced.Toyota Prius battery service

In some cases, repairing a Toyota Prius battery can work. Also, there is the possibility to replace it with battery cells, if you have some knowledge about how the technology works. But if you’re just looking for a quick fix, or you don’t have time to go into all that, then replacing it with a new or second hand one is your best option.

Having the battery replaced can be done easily, if you have about $4,500 for a brand new one. If not, then things can get a little more complicated. Auctions and dealers can provide you with second hand batteries, but there’s no telling how long they will last. This is the cheapest option at around $1,500. A refurbished Toyota Prius battery will go for around $1,500 or more, and it might last longer. However, it’s still not up to par with getting a brand new one.