According to ABI research analysis, electric vehicles will begin to gain their much-expected popularity from this year on, namely from 2021. Thus, electric cars are predicted to enter the mainstream industry in the following period.

The reason for which electric vehicles will increase their sales is the introduction of more affordable models. Nevertheless, we could not speak of an actual booming of the electric vehicles due to the effects of the pandemics. But the analysts state that, starting from the mid 2020s, things will change for the better, also in the favor of these highly-advanced transportation means. Even though the pandemic has certainly slowed down the pace, we are likely to see more and more electric vehicles out there on the roads.

BloombergNEF (BNEF) has also made some predictions regarding the future of electric cars. According to their report, EVs will represent no less than 10% of vehicle sales on a global scale, by the year 2025. This percent will rise up to 28% by 2030, and even 48% by 2040. In other words, the future of electric vehicles sounds quite promising.

According to the same BNEF report, by 2040, a number of 500 million electric vehicles will be on the road, on a global level.Toyota hybrid battery

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