A traditional car gets its energy out of burning petrol or other types of fuel, while an electric car is based on batteries. These batteries are similar to the ones used for cell phones, but on a larger scale, of course.

Despite the fact that most of the manufacturers have a five to ten years kind of warranty, an electric battery car is thought to last for about 10-20 years. Although these vehicles are quite simple, many car drivers are worried that they would only last for about 60,000 miles. The simplicity of this vehicle is due to the fact that it has single-speed transmission, it has fewer parts than a gasoline-based car, and that is lacks many of the parts that conventional cars are equipped with and which may often need repair or replacement.

Nissan leaf repair

Leading Nissan leaf repair specialists substantiate that the way in which a car battery and its motor function is quite simple –thus, the battery connects one or more electric motors, which actually power the wheels. All you need to do is press the accelerator, and the car immediately feeds power to the motor.

Also, electric motors function much like power generators. Thus, they convert forward movement back into electric power. By this regenerative type of braking, energy that would otherwise be lost is quickly recovered.